Speed Reading – Take in More Knowledge This Year

Check out this 30 minute video.  Any techniques you take away will improve your productivity. This is from Mike Koenigs, marketing guru and good guy. http://mikekoenigs.com/speed-reading/  

A Look Back at the Year

New Year / Old year Perspectives It’s a new year and the time when we come up with resolutions, goals, and wishes for a better year … a better us. What about last year? It’s easy to forget much of what happened, what we accomplished, what we enjoyed, those we loved. Matt Skuta decided to […]

Media Training – Sell the Sizzle

I’ve heard this hundreds of times but I never really got it. “Don’t sell the stake. Sell the sizzle.”  This is a sales and marketing technique that is very important if you want to stand out and make big things happen.   This is a web site I stumbled on offering a product or service that […]

101 Really Good Ideas for 2014

  http://www.doitmarketing.com/blog/bid/103388/Marketing-Coach-101-Really-Good-Ideas-for-2014 Looking to make the next year your best year yet?  Check out some of these great ideas for your business, job, and life.