“Success is the progressive realization of a worthy goal or ideal.”   Earl Nightingale These quotes compliment each other.      

In crowded markets or not, it is important to stand out, to differentiate just to be seen an heard. Good luck to Jimmy Fallon who takes over The Tonight Show … Tonight.

http://www.swishdesign.com.au/customer-service-tip/   Listening is one of the greatest skills you can work on. … and if your work depends on others (it usually does), then it is essential. -Jess Todtfeld Find out about our Presentation Training Programs           


Media Training is important… but more important than media training are the outcomes you are looking to create. Success In Media, Inc. President Jess Todtfeld explains the “Winging It” strategy.  You will learn how people use this strategy as well as media training techniques to make more from media interviews. Watch this SHORT Media Training […]

Every so often I like to do a strategy call with people I’m connected to on social media, my lists, etc.  If you are a public relations or communications pro, this is for you. Some really great content came out of this one.  Take a listen…      

Dealing with crisis situations is never fun.  It is a necessary evil and it may fall into your lap at any moment Are you prepared? Here are some of the first steps: Don’t Delay. When crisis strikes, you need to react or the story will own you. The media are story tellers. Jump in early […]

PR hooks are the lifeline of a good pitch. Today I’ll share 5 ways to generate better PR hooks. I even recorded my screen in the video below to show you how I am easily able to use this website to create PR hooks. Flash Sale: PR hooks can easily be created using Google News […]

 A couple of years ago I set a Guinness Record for Most Interviews given in 24 hours  (112.)  It came about on a whim as a PR friend of mine said “You’re the media guy… I hope you promote your next book bigger than anyone else.”  Next thing I knew, my co-author and I were […]

One of the most common things I hear from people is “can you help me to feel better through this process.”  Of course with me, they are talking about media training or presentation training, but these techniques can be used anywhere else in life. Feeling Good is half the battle Controlling the way we feel is a […]

Presentation Disaster –  Michael Bay A case of nerves can happen to anybody.  The problem is, we feel if you are rich and successful and … work in entertainment, suck it up and move forward. As a media trainer and presentation trainer I find that plenty of people are living in the  world of their […]

Check out this article on some of the best, crowdsourced tools you can use: http://econsultancy.com/blog/4355-10-kickass-crowdsourcing-sites-for-your-business   Here are some of the links in the article: Logo design = 99designs Brand names =  Naming Force Business innovation = Chaordix Brainstorming / feedback = bluster Advertising = Poptent Product redesign – redesignme Product design and manufacturing = Ponoko Software & usability testing – uTest […]

Check out Seth Godin’s insights on Email Marketing mistakes: Eight email failures (and questions for those that want to do better)   A friend sent out an email blast (I hate that word, for good reason) to his ample address book to promote a new project and got a lot of blowback for it. He […]

Check out this 30 minute video.  Any techniques you take away will improve your productivity. This is from Mike Koenigs, marketing guru and good guy. http://mikekoenigs.com/speed-reading/  

New Year / Old year Perspectives It’s a new year and the time when we come up with resolutions, goals, and wishes for a better year … a better us. What about last year? It’s easy to forget much of what happened, what we accomplished, what we enjoyed, those we loved. Matt Skuta decided to […]