Private Client Page

Private Client Page

Hello ASPCA friends,

If you have been through one of my workshops, you know that I really want the training to stick.  In the last few years I’ve added some tools and techniques to support you even more.


Great Sound Bite example

As many of you know, you may only get one or two quotes into a story.  If you use the Sound Bite Quote System and craft a good sound bite in advance, they are more likely to take your exact phrase and use it.

Why did these quotes make it in?

Quote #1 Facts & Examples.  Vicki gave perspective on what is happening.

Quote #2 Specific examples, shocking and Emotion.  This second quote was emotional.  It was an honest / shocking reality and is emotional.  People listening to this report have to be moved be the reality due to the specificity of this quote.


Here’s a link to the 1-page Sound Bite Quote System. It will help you craft your own quotes.

Also, don’t forget to make use of the Media Training Tool Kit.  There are Top 10 Lists on there you will find support you before an interview.


Happy Interviews!