Crisis Media Training and Readiness Prep


Crisis Media Training – Be prepared and own your own story

You’ll Learn How To:

» Be Ready before a Crisis Strikes

» Have the Systems to Deal With the Toughest of Media Situations

» Convey Facts While Maintaining Grace Under Fire

» Manage Brand Reputation

Don’t Wait for a Crisis to Prepare?

Crisis Media Training is best done long before a crisis strikes.  Unfortunately, many companies and organizations fail to recognize the reasons to prepare ahead of time.

The effect of a crisis on a business can result in:

Crisis Media Training

Have a plan

  • Lost revenue
  • Lost jobs / firings
  • Brand tarnishing
  • Long-term press hostility
  • Long-term public hostility
  • Extended social media fallout

Remember the idiom “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”?


While a crisis is often unexpected, preparation means turning crisis into opportunity. Spokespersons need to be able to:


Don’t let the story own you

  • Quickly retain many media messages
  • Deliver those messages succinctly
  • Be in control of their words
  • Stay on message
  • Prepare and rehearse quickly and effectively
  • Know how to deal with questions they don’t know the answer to
  • Convey heart and humanity

We can help you prepare before or after a crisis.

Let us customize a program around your needs. Be in control of the story before it controls you.

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Crisis Media Training