Media Training

Success in Media are the leading Media Training company with clients throughout the Unites states and Internationally. What ever your industry or job title we have it covered.

We specialize in tailoring our media training to each individual or group need. Everyone has varying stages of media knowledge. As such there are both unique and general objectives we help you establish from the first consultation.

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Media Training Workshop

Watch this video – a description of What happens during a media training workshop. – Jess Todtfeld, President, Success In Media, Inc. – A Results First Training Company


  • Have control during interviews
  • Look confident
  • Sound confident
  • Feel comfortable on camera
  • Never be misquoted
  • Reduce prep time
  • Be prepared for hard questions or questions irrelevant to your message
  • Create answers that are irresistible to media
  • Look like a leader or an expert
  • Create action from interviews
  • Create sales from interviews
  • Measure interview success
  • Be crisis ready


  • The art of weaving your messages into each answer
  • Master body language & voice inflection
  • Reduce nervousness
  • Control the interview
  • Handle any question
  • Understand artful repetition
  • Focus your media messages
  • Build a media strategy
  • Create a “road map” to keep you on track
  • Have an “answer system”
  • Go beyond traditional “bridging” techniques
  • Deal with crisis situations
  • Work with reporters and producers
  • Makeup & Wardrobe
  • Use earpieces and microphones
  • Master satellite interviews
  • Handle hostile interviews
  • Handle ambush interviews
  • Prepare in less time with more results