Use the Power of the Crowd to Get Stuff Done


Check out this article on some of the best, crowdsourced tools you can use:


Here are some of the links in the article:

Logo design = 99designs

Brand names =  Naming Force

Business innovation = Chaordix

Brainstorming / feedback = bluster

Advertising = Poptent

Product redesign – redesignme

Product design and manufacturing = Ponoko

Software & usability testing – uTest

Data cleansing & entry / content creation = Amazon’s Mechanical Turk

Images = Flickr Creative Commons


Media Training Tips and Tools

What does this have to do with media training?  Media Training goes beyond how to sit, act and talk.  If done well, it includes how to use the media to get what you want.  The steps include irresistible pitching, doing great interviews, driving audience attention somewhere, capitalizing on the attention and getting people to do what you want.  The ultimate goal is to achieve a desired outcome or result.


Media Training Tool Kit