Dealing with Crisis


Dealing with crisis situations is never fun.  It is a necessary evil and it may fall into your lap at any moment

Are you prepared?

Here are some of the first steps:

  1. Don’t Delay. When crisis strikes, you need to react or the story will own you. The media are story tellers. Jump in early so they’ll tell YOUR story.
  2. Quickly get your top messages together.
  3. Any plan is better than no plan. Figure out protocol including what you will or will not talk about.
  4. Own the Story – Be quick to jump out in front of the story … and early. Get your voice out there as one of the first and main voices during the issue. The public will know that you are not scared, you are very much involved, and you are on top of the situation.
  5. Make sure the media feels connected and not dodged.

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