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Is it important to deliver the right media messages?

Of course it is.  And here’s the good news …  You can have more control during interviews and still be authentic. Having more control during interviews is smart


Definitions: A message is anything you say out loud.

Media Message is anything you want to hear yourself say in a media interview.


The good news is you can decide in advance which answers you’d really like to deliver, and authentically deliver them in an interview.  Using our special system, you can easily remember the messages without having to memorize or feel like you have to be a trained actor.



  • Figure out how you want your interview to go … in advance
  • Craft media messages you would love to deliver
  • Have the skills to actually deliver those messages
  • Have a system for easily remembering your media messages
  • Be in Control of Your Messages
  • Begin with the End in Mind
  • Create interviews that live on as great marketing pieces

You Can Deliver the RIGHT Messages in Interviews

One of the big problems we see are executives and spokespersons unable to get messages into stories that reflect relevant, newsworthy messages that champion their cause or help sell their product.  While some will have publicity handlers that provide an organized packet of “talking points,” the reality is that only a handful of these points make it into the story.  An unprepared interviewee will only remember a few of the provided answers, and then often transition to speaking off-the-cuff.

This can be dangerous in some media situations, especially now, as misquotes will live on through the Internet and social media, making damage control as impossible as dousing a wildfire.  Interview slip-ups, now more than ever, can be costly when spokespersons fail to learn the new principles of media training.

Much has changed, even in the last two to five years, and new strategies are needed to have full control over our messages.

But here’s the good news. We have created a unique Message System where you can easily create a list of desired media messages, and then organize them into what we call “The Road Map.”

The Road Map is designed to guide you toward the specific messages you need to deliver and be able to deliver a different, three-part message – in every answer.  All of this can be done with far less effort than you think.  In a short amount of time, we can have you or your team using the system to easily digest, organize and deliver the right media messages.

Every interview and media interaction must have a goal. This means deciding in advance which answers or media messages you would like to deliver to the reporter or interviewer.

Let us show you how.

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There is no reason that a spokesperson, or anyone speaking to the media, should mentally sift through disorganized lists of answers, or be forced to memorize messages for interviews. And winging it is an even worse strategy! It is possible, however, to deliver answers in a way where the media can’t misquote you, and you won’t sound canned or artificial, either.


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