Executive Presentation Training

Executive Presentation Training

Executive Presentation Training customized around your needs. Reach out for a proposal.

Executives can learn how to be more comfortable, confident and in control during presentations, speeches, meetings, client and prospect interactions.

Executive Presentation Training is slightly different than our traditional presentation training program. If you are an executive, you have a special set of needs. While the word “executive” has broad implications, we understand that this means you are a high level officer of your company. As a representative, your words could have an effect on that organizations reputation. We can help you to say what you want, feel more calm and comfortable, and create more desired actions from those you speak to.  Whatever your goal is, we can give you the tools to get it done effectively.

This Executive Presentation Training Workshop will give you the secrets for looking better, sounding better and getting more results when you speak.  That could mean motivating your workforce.  It could mean inspiring others to move forward on what you told them. If nervousness or confidence are an issue, you will learn methods that help you not only look and sound better, but to feel better during the process. Our unique  systems will help you walk through the process and they are easy to learn and master. This Executive Presentation Training program will give you all the tools you need to create the results you are after. Reach out to find out about how we can customize our program around your specific needs.

How You Will Benefit From Our Executive Presentation Training Program:

• Have more control during speeches and presentations
• Look and sound like a leader
• Be more engaging
• Improve listening skills
• Be ready for any question
• Create stories and examples that captivate your audience
• Measure R.O.P. (Return on presentations)
• Create action, sales or desired outcomes whenever you speak or give a presentation


What We Will Cover:

• Captivate before you even speak
• How to hook your audience or those you speak to in the first 7 seconds
• How to feel comfortable and confident … and look it
• A system to easily create and outline your speech or presentation … quickly
• Learn how to become more memorable (If people remember what you say, they can act on it.)
• Create more action when you speak.  Get people to do more of what you want
• Be ready for impromptu speeches and presentations
• Easily deal with Q&A
Rehearse in less time with more results


Who Should Attend:

This course is for executives who know they would benefit from these improved executive presentation training skills. We have worked with many executives over the years and put on a number of specialized programs just for this group. If you would like to know how we can help you or your organization, reach out to us by phone or email.


Reach out to find out about how we can
customize an Executive Presentation Training program around your specific needs.