Feeling Good

One of the most common things I hear from people is “can you help me to feel better through this process.”  Of course with me, they are talking about media training or presentation training, but these techniques can be used anywhere else in life.

Feeling Good is half the battle

Funny Two Legged Horse

Change the way you feel – Watch something that entertains you.

Controlling the way we feel is a big ingredient for peak performance no matter what you do.  One technique is to watch videos that put your body in the right state.  That could mean empowering videos, inspiring ones, or as you see here… funny videos.  Feel free to suggest ones in the comments that others should know about.

– Watch some of these and tell me it doesn’t change your state –

Animal Edition

Animal videos that will make you laugh or smile




One of my kids used to watch this each day before
school, sigh and say “Now I’m ready for the day.”


What other videos should we include here?
Let us know below.