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Getting more press and more publicity is important to move a business forward, to have more sales, and to increase visibility.  In this recent interview, millionaire entrepreneur Jen Groover interviews me on how to get more PR and press.  I share some media secrets along the way.

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Here is an excerpt from the new book “Media Secrets: A Media Training Crash Course.”

One Size Does Not Fit All

If I gave you a set of rules and said that everyone had to play by them, I would be giving you terrible advice.

Your goals and outcomes are completely different if you are a/an:

  • Corporate Spokesperson
  • Author
  • CEO
  • Celebrity
  • Politician
  • PR professional
  • Expert
  • Paid contributor

You must decide which techniques and systems are relevant to you and your situation.



Public Relations Secrets for Getting Booked

“Feeling confident—or pretending that you feel con dent— is necessary to reach for opportunities.” –Sheryl Sandberg

Control With Press Releases

Simply put, if you want the media to cover you, you have to ASK them first. Many people get hung up about the idea of a press release. They get stuck looking for the perfect format, the perfect wording, and the perfect pitch.

During my thirteen years as a TV producer, I booked and produced over 6,000 segments and, keep in mind, those 6,000 plus segments were the ones that “broke through” the clutter. Each day I would receive one to two hundred emails, stacks of mail, and at least twenty- five voicemail messages beyond what I could return. Therefore, it is imperative that you understand how to make your press release stand out, in a stellar/ memorable way, so that it “rises above” the clutter.

Consider these tips (on the next few pages) to ensure that your pitch/ release:

1. makes it through the cutting through the clutter process, and…
2. as you contemplate/ figure out what would work for a particular outlet.


Giving them what they are looking for. What are traditional media people (reporters, producers, editors, etc.) looking for?

If they are TV or radio producers or bookers, they are looking for STORIES. More specifically, they are looking for GUESTS to go along with those STORIES.

In print, they are looking for someone to provide them with good

Are you a t for that?
They are also looking for a story that:

  •  is interesting
  •  is entertaining
  • is relevant
  • fits that particular outlet
  • adds value to their audience
  • One that their boss will approve of.

at last one you have completely no control over, so just focus on the first five.


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