Half year message from Jess


Just a quick message from me… It’s been 6 months since our training.

Here is a link to the full database of videos.

Let me know how things are going. Or, reach out if I can be helpful:  Jess@SuccessInMedia.com

…and Don’t keep me a secret.  Introductions to people who should know about media training, presentation training or Speak to Close presentation training … is always appreciated.


About Jess Todtfeld

Jess Todtfeld has been a TV producer, reporter, host. He is currently President of Success In Media, Inc. providing media training and presentation training to Fortune 500 companies, the U.N., Celebrities, experts and authors.

Jess puts himself in the hot seat as well. He has appeared on ABC, NBC, FOX, CBS, MTV, BBC, CNN and FOX News. He set a Guinness Record for being interviewed the most times in 24 hours ... 112. Need a Speaker for an Upcoming Conference or Convention?
Watch Jess' work as a speaker: www.JessTodtfeld.com

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