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This is a link that I have usually just provided to publicists that I have a close relationship with.  It put it together as a resource for their clients:
Media Training Tool Kit

Media Training Tips

Here’s what you’ll find there:

  • 10 Tips for TV Interviews  – Media Training Tips
  • 10 Tips for Radio Interviews  – Media Training Tips
  • 10 Tips for Print Interviews Over the Phone  – Media Training Tips
  • 10 Tips for Blogger Interviews / Social Media Interviews  – Media Training Tips
  • 10 Tips for Satellite Media Tours – Interviews – Media Training Tips

You do not have to opt-in for any of those things.  I’ll even provide the media training message grid that I reference in the media training tips Top 10 lists.

You’ll also find some videos of me talking about a few different techniques and giving more media training tips.

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Check out the media training tips at:
Media Training Tool Kit


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Media Training Tips – Workshops
How to Go Beyond Tips and Make Learning Stick

Media Training Pharma

Trying to wing it in an interview can result in a lost opportunity.  Being prepared allows you to turn the tables on the press, so that you take control over your message rather than the media controlling your image.
While some of these interviews may go “just fine,” a powerful opportunity may go unutilized.  Unless you call the audience to act on what your communication, nothing happens.

  • Learn how to organize your media messages
  • How to be ready for any question
  • How to speak in a way that is quotable

Being unprepared will result in a number of discrediting manners and poor strategy, which are accentuated on camera, radio, or print.

  • Look uncomfortable
  • Sound scattered, ramble, use too many ums and ahs
  • Appear disorganized
  • Get stumped by tough questions
  • Not quotable
  • Not the expert on your topic
  • Show irritation at interviewee mistakes
  • Failure to create interest, sales, or web traffic
  • No system to measure success for improvement

Media Training Course

Our crash course can save an entire year of trial and error on what should be happening in an interview. When you know what to expect, you’ll know what the outcome should be and how to manage it.

In a typical workshop, (in addition to learning our systems and techniques), you will be able to take part in eight (8) hands-on practice sessions. This is where the skills go from intellectually understanding what’s supposed to happen in an interview to mastering the interview.

Most people won’t deliver that many interviews in an entire year.  But our crash course practice sessions push your skills, putting you ahead two or three years of otherwise sweating it out on air when it’s too late.

The short amount of time you take to hone your media skills will tighten-up the long wait towards mastery. How valuable would that be to your career and business?


Our workshops make sure you learn the techniques and drills that will prepare you to face the media confidence and competence.

We will not just teach you these systems.  We walk you through the process. The best way to learn the new skill of interviewing is by doing over and over exactly what you will be doing in front of a reporter. you are done with this training, you will have more than just a new understanding of what to do in media situation. You will have skills to generate the right kind of publicity. This kind of publicity will carry your message further than advertising.


Build Confidence

    • Build Confidence
    • Have control during interviews
    • Look confident
    • Sound confident
    • Feel comfortable on camera
    • Never be misquoted
    • Reduce prep time
    • Be prepared for hard questions or questions irrelevant to your message
    • Create answers that are irresistible to media
    • Look like a leader or an expert
    • Create action from interviews
    • Create sales from interviews
    • Measure interview success
    • Be crisis ready


    • The art of weaving your messages into each answer
    • Master body language & voice inflection
    • Reduce nervousness
    • Control the interview
    • Handle any question
    • Understand artful repetition
    • Focus your media messages
    • Build a media strategy
    • Create a “road map” to keep you on track
    • Have an “answer system”
    • Go beyond traditional “bridging” techniques
    • Deal with crisis situations
    • Work with reporters and producers
    • Makeup & Wardrobe
    • Use earpieces and microphones
    • Master satellite interviews
    • Handle hostile interviews
    • Handle ambush interviews
    • Prepare in less time with more results


This fast-paced workshop is available as a

  • Full day
  • Half day
  • Two-day (includes advanced course)

Address a wide-range of critical skills for delivering media interviews, such as:

  • Are you creating clear and relevant messages?
  • Are you motivating the audience when necessary?
  • Do you look and sound confident?
  • Do you have the skills to remain calm and in control?

As you master media techniques learned in this course the answer to each of these questions will be a resounding YES!

VALUE ADD – Bonuses  

Our training comes with our unique 365 Solutiontm
365 days of ongoing support to see your goals through short video lessons provided every week, for 52 weeks. These tools help keep the information fresh in your mind.


  1. Trainer access for critiques, drills, and pep-talks
  2. Media Training Tool Kit: tools designed to help you in a pinch




  • Spokespeople
  • Experts & Authors
  • Executives
  • Those looking to be more in control during interviews
  • Those looking to leverage the power of the media

 Make a decision to take your media skills to the next level.