Media Training for Public Relations Professionals

Media Training for Public Relations

Publicists and Public relations professionals can learn to teach their clients to become more comfortable, confident and in control during media interviews.

Public Relations Media Training is slightly different than our traditional media training program. This is for publicists who would like media training skills to pass on to clients. This program also includes special control elements that can be deployed in the pitching process. These were developed by Jess Todtfeld, Guinness Record setter for publicity. Whatever your goal is, we can give you the tools to get it done effectively.

This Public Relations Media Training Workshop will give you the secrets to help clients look and sound better. If nervousness or confidence are an issue for your or clients, you will learn methods that help them not only look and sound better, but to feel better during the process. Our unique Message System, Answer System, and Sound Bite systems are easy to learn, master, and pass on. This media training program will give you all the tools you need to create the results you are after. Reach out to find out about how we can customize our program around your specific needs.

Public Relations Media Training

Guinness Record Setter for Most Interviews given in 24 Hours – Jess Todtfeld
Jess Todtfeld led the team that booked the 112 interviews it took to claim the record.

How You Will Benefit From Our Public Relations Media Training Program:

• Learn how to effectively promote your PR brand
• Be seen as an expert
• Have more control during interviews
• Never be misquoted
• Reduce prep time
• Feel prepared for any question
• Look, sound, and feel great during interviews
• Create action or sales from media interviews


What We Will Cover:
• Specific drills to help PR representatives with clients
• How to look and sound like an expert
• How to feel comfortable and confident
• A system to to be prepared for any question
• Easily organize and remember your media messages
• Create irresistible sound bites and quotes
• Be ready for crisis and opportunity situations


Who Should Attend:
This course is for PR / public relations professionals who know they would benefit from learning media training skills. These skills can be passed on to clients. We have worked with many publicists over the years and put on a number of specialized programs just for this group. If you would like to know how we can help you or your organization, reach out to us by phone or email.



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