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All of our courses are available in 3 formats:

Live / In-Person

Online On-Demand

Live / Blended (Online Live and Recorded

Presentation Training New York


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Public Speaking / Presentation Training:

Public Speaking: You Can Be a Great Speaker Within 24 Hours

Advanced Public Speaking

Virtual Presenting; How to Speak and Present Online

Public Speaking: Eliminate Your Fear

Body Language for Speakers

Panel Discussions: How to Present on a Panel

Public Speaking for C-Level Executives

Public Speaking for Financial Advisers

How to Deliver an IPO Roadshow Presentation

How to Make an Investor Pitch Presentation

How to Give a Sales Presentation

How to Give a TED Talk

How to Give a Persuasive Speech

How to Give an Informational Speech

Fundraising: How to Ask People for Money for Your Charity

How to Speak to Large Audiences

How to Deliver Technology Presentations

How to Drastically Reduce Time Spent on Speech Preparation

How to Deliver an Elevator Pitch

How to Ask for a Raise

How to Be a Facilitator

How to be a Motivational Speaker

How to Improve Your Voice / Vocal Training

How to Deliver Criticism in the Workplace

How to Speak Up at Meetings

How to Be a Professional Speaker

How to Give a Boardroom Speech

Story Telling Training: Master How to Tell Stories

The Complete Storytelling Course for Speaking & Presenting

Public Speaking for High School Students



Media Training Courses:

Media Training: Look Great on TV-Get the Exact Quotes You Want

Emergency Media Training: Facing a Reporter Within 2 Hours

Crisis Communications: How to Survive a Crisis in the Media

Crisis Communications Training for Airline Executives

Media Training for Financial Service Professionals

Political Candidate Media and Public Speaking Training

How to Be a Government Spokesperson

Media Training for Beauty Pageant Contestants

On-Camera Skills for TV Reporters and News Anchors

How to Be a TV Pundit

Podcast Media Training: How to Present on a Podcast

Media Training for Doctors and Healthcare Professionals

How to Use a Teleprompter


PR / Publicity Courses:

How to Pitch the News Media… From a Guinness Record Holder for Publicity

$99 DIY Get Media Interviews

How to Hire a PR Firm


More / Personal Development Skills:

How to Give a New Business Pitch Presentation

The Complete Personal Productivity Course – Business & Life

Job Interviews: How to Get the Job!

How to Ace Your College Interview

How to Conduct a Job Interview

How to Develop Charisma

How to Give a Wedding Speech

Public Speaking for Kids


All of our courses are available in 3 formats:

Live / In-Person

Online On-Demand

Live / Blended (Online Live and Recorded



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