PowerPoint Slides – How Many Slides Should You Have?

PowerPoint SlidesPowerPoint and PowerPoint Slides … Below are some of the biggest questions I get around PowerPoint.  The biggest being “How many PowerPoint slides should I have?”

There is a bigger question though… and I bring it up at the end of this short video from our accountability program.

The good news is that there is a FORMULA for creating your speeches and presentations.  Here it is:

If you think you or your company needs help with presentations, meetings, PowerPoints and internal communications, reach out to us.  We are happy to give some advice on the phone, and thoughts on how we can help you to quickly create solutions.





Presentation training is the other half of our business.  Many know us through our other branding Results First Training.  Our philosophy when it comes to presentation training is this:

-Everyone has skills we can build on
-There’s no magic wand for changing people, but we can quickly create change during a training day or days, but…
-Our 365 day accountability program is where training sticks.  We provide resources and access to us to ensure that real results show up.
-Organizations can become more interesting, more confident, and make bigger things happen.  They just need the tools and systems to make the jump.

Reach out, give us a call, and find out how we can help your team to run more efficiently.

It’s not just about presentation skills or Powerpoint and PowerPoint slides.
It’s all connected.



Success In Media, Inc. / Results First Training has been helping U.S. and international groups since 2003.  Our experience extends back another 15 years.  We are proud to have made a difference in the sectors of healthcare, insurance, non-profits, energy and utilities and many others.  Every group gets customized attention as your needs are unique and should be treated that way.  We get people to ask the question  “What outcome do you want to create as a result of this presentation, meeting or interaction.” This becomes your new starting point.


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