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PR Marketing A couple of years ago I set a Guinness Record for Most Interviews given in 24 hours  (112.)  It came about on a whim as a PR friend of mine said “You’re the media guy… I hope you promote your next book bigger than anyone else.”  Next thing I knew, my co-author and I were setting up interviews and going for a Guinness record.

What came after was unexpected.  PR folks and PR companies where asking if I could show them some of the techniques.  They would be thrilled to create 112 more bookings in the next year, let alone in a day.  This opened up a smaller offering from my company, as well as a DVD instructional set  As of  now, I don’t really promote or push it in any big way.  People seem to find me.

So… what does this mean for you?

I have a few videos I made that could help.  They were a part of one my email streams.   Here are a few:


PR Marketing Insider: The Most Important Element for Pitching the Media:

In this video I referenced my 24 Most Essential Elements When Pitching the Media
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PR Marketing Insider: Headlining Your Pitches


PR Marketing Insider: Using

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The game is always changing in the PR marketing world.  I use the word marketing because people need to understand that PR is just one spoke in their marketing engine… one very important spoke.  When done right, it can show massive credibility, and third party (media) validation.  I tell clients all the time, “placement is the job of the publicist, turning it into something is your job.”  I am all about empowering people to not just look and feel great during interviews, but to convert interviews.  What makes modern day media training different than 1960’s media training is that we can use these tools, new and old, to push people towards desired outcomes and most importantly, action.

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