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New York Times – Training on How to Be Famous
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“Jess Todtfeld is a Media Training Expert”
-Washington Post


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FOX-TV  – Fear of Public Speaking


ABC-TV  – Tiger Woods Story

Commenting on Celebrity and Political Crisis Situations


As Host of “America’s Premier Experts” Business TV Show


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Setting the Guinness Record for Most Interviews
Given in 24 Hours on Radio… 112

Joel Whiley 610 WTBN

BJ and Katie B WDUN Gainsville, GA
Birmingham News w/Scott Fitzgerald

Rick Shepard – Johnstown, PA
Exhaused Parent Network

The Mary Jones Show, CT

BBC TV Interview on News of the World
Story – June 8, 2011

BBC Radio Interview on News of the
World story -June 12, 2011

Rep Weiner to Submit to Democratic
Pressure to Resign

Financial Times – 6-17-11   

Inside the Beltway
Washington Times – 6-17-11  

Anthony Weiner’s Reality Show Options
Washington Post

Weiner Story:
Washington Times
Philadelphia Inquirer
Herald Review
Vancouver Sun

Financial Times
Dallas News

AP Television Interviewed Jess Todtfeld, Communication Consultant about the Tiger Woods Apology – Seen Internationally

WABC-TV NY Interviews Jess Todtfeld about Tiger Woods Apology

Media Training President, Jess Todtfeld – Pittsburgh Post-Gazette -Mackenzie Carpenter, Staff Writer