17 Most Essential Radio Interview Tips

Here are the most essential radio interview tips brought to you from Jess Todtfeld, CSP. Jess is a global leader in  media training, in the United States and Internationally
Radio Interview Tips

Top 17 Radio Interview Tips whether you do it from home or the studio

The 17 Most Essential Radio Interview Tips

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  1. Write out ten bullet Points you plan say during the interview. Email it to the producer and/or host. Chances are good that they’ll use it as their guide.
  2. Write out a larger list of answers you would love to say in an ideal world.
  3. Divide them into three categories and transfer it onto the message tool sheet  ((A three column document.)) This will make them easier to bring up.
  4. Have your message sheet in front of you during the interview. Only use some of those messages as references. (Don’t sound like you are reading.)
  5. Stand up if possible. Move around if possible. It will add energy to your voice. (Only do this if doing the interview via phone.)
  6. Use your hands when you speak. It will improve the quality of your voice.
  7. Try to be passionate about your topic. If you’re not excited about it, no one else will be.
  8. When doing an interview over the phone – use a landline!  (Landlines have clearer reception than cell phones and you don’t have to worry about dropping the call.)
  1. Have a point of view. Radio producers and hosts like that. They may even ask you back.
  2. Offer “Takeaway.” Ask yourself, what will the audience take away from the segment? Is there real value that will have them remembering you and possibly wanting more?
  1. If this is a longer interview, have some interesting stories ready that support your points/messages.
  2. Sell without selling. Make sure you have a “call to action.” What actions should people take?
  3. If the interview is “in studio,” confirm the interview the night before and show up at least a half hour early. They will likely brand you as a “low-maintenance” guest.
  4. Be prepared with a killer first answer. Often the question will be some version of, “Tell us about this new project, book, you topic.”
  5. Disable call waiting if doing the interview over the phone. (Dial *70 first.)
  6. Turn off cell phones, turn down your radio (if listening in) and quiet any other surrounding noise.
  7. Get a recording of the interview and leverage the heck out of it.  Marry the audio with an image of you, the host / station logo and include bullet pointed takeaways.  This is a great way to increase the chances of someone listening and getting more people to hear what you say.  If you’ve included the call to action it should continue working for you on your web site.

Special Note:

If you represent an organization that has a communication policy or compliance issues, you need to know it and stick to it. You may need to have all outside interview communications go through someone else, and get approvals for speaking to the media.

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