State of the Selfie Report

As a media trainer, I must constantly watch the changing media landscape and see how it effects your ability to spread your message to the world.

Selfie Media Training

In the last year we saw Ellen Degeneres “shut down the internet” with her Oscar selfie.  We’ve seen “selfies with our President.” Celebrities and teenagers have mastered the “art” of using selfies or self taken photographs with your phone.

I even shot this video showing you how using a “selfie stick” can help your business and help you create great content.  Who knew I’d be talking about selfies and selfie sticks as a media training strategy?!
Check out the video below:

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Coyne PR Study: the ‘State of the Selfie’ Is Strong

The folks at Coyne PR are funny and we were very impressed by their recent “swear jar for charity” stunt, so when we saw that they’d released a report titled “State of the Selfie,” we just had to enter our email address and click “give it to me.” So what did it tell us? The selfie is popular and, unlike the TV series bearing its name, the practice will not get cancelled… read more»