Strong Female Speakers

 There is a need for more strong female speakers to step forward and be seen.
This site will profile more as presentation training is one of our core offerings.

Strong Female Speakers - 15 year old Tavi Gevinson

Strong Female Speakers – 15 year old Tavi Gevinson


Why is there a need?  Well, when people talk about great speakers, the knee jerk response is to show CEOs and powerful execs of the day.  Many happen to be men.   That’s fine that they are men and there are plenty of great techniques they use.  But… half or more of the people in our workshops are women.  It is important for people to see public speaking examples from people who are somewhat like them.  This fosters deeper connections and brings about aha moments faster.  People in our workshops get to where they need to be quicker when they realize someone like them can do it, so they should be able to as well.

Here is one great example, 15 year old Tavi Gevinson.  She is young but strong.

Here’s what I see.  You can add your thoughts to the comments.

-She has something to say and says it.

-She owns what she says.

-She’s not perfect.  No one is.  She says um and ah a few times (who cares?!)  She stays in one spot.  Her PowerPoint doesn’t work perfectly.  She  rolls with all of it and shows the world her authentic self.  Is she a little nervous? Sure. Who wouldn’t be especially at 15 in front of  all these people and knowing that a TED video will be seen millions of times and will live on for years to come. Who wouldn’t be nervous at any age?!!

-She has a point and has fun with it.

-She promotes her web site and does it in a way that doesn’t full forced

-She’s being real.  This above all is what audiences want.  We want someone real who also gives us something we can use.

Watch the video.
What do you think?




Do you have suggestions of other strong female speakers?  Let us know below so we can feature them. 


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