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TED Talk Training

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TED Talks and TEDx Talks are still very popular and a great way to share your knowledge with the world.

Learn how to be more comfortable, confident and in control during presentations or speeches.

Here are 5 Strategies for Crushing Your Next TED or TEDx Talk …

1) Create a unique hook or title.

When you start your TED talk, you want to begin with the end in mind. You want to create something that people would want to watch in the future. A title that is a hook is one that you can use to reel them in. Look at other TED talks and notice which titles are most intriguing. Create titles that have mystery. Create titles that reveal something about you or your audience. Chances are, you are using this opportunity as a platform. You’re using this opportunity to create more business or web traffic. This stage of creating your hook or title is not to be treated lightly. It will allow you to reach more people, long-term.

2) Develop 3 to 5 Main Ideas. That’s it.

Audiences can really only remember 3 to 5 main ideas. If that is the case, we need to develop our talks around it. This also helps us to pair down ideas from the world of everything we know. This actually makes the process easier because we can focus on just a handful of court ideas that support our title.

3) Add Stories and Examples for Each Idea

Stories are the currency of life. This is how we communicate with each other. This is how we connect with each other. This is how we make sense of the world and how we pass on important information. Most people leave stories out of their speeches and this is a mistake. Think about some of the best stories and examples you can include. These can be about you or they can be about others. Speeches work best when you reveal something about yourself. Try your best not to hold back.  But, as my friend, leadership expert and author Sylvia Lafair says “Opening your heart is not spilling your guts.”  Share but don’t over-share.

4) Connect With Your Authenticity

One of the things that makes TED talks stand out is when people share their authentic self. How can you best do this? This means revealing your fears, your insecurities, and even your secrets. Reveal who you really are. Act out your stories. Use dialogue. Paint a very vivid picture and allow yourself to show real emotion.

5) Practice, Practice and Practice Again

You’ve heard that practice makes perfect… and whoever told you that is right. If you wanted to become a great athlete or even an athlete that is respectable, you would practice. The best way to practice is with a video recording device. Take your phone or your WebCam and hit record. What you will notice is what works well as what needs to be improved. This is very important data. Make sure to watch closely and adjust both.


Last thoughts…

When it comes down to it, don’t keep your gifts inside of you.  Share them with the world. This is an opportunity to help other people and make the world a better place. Some of the best TED talks embody those ideas. Create something that can live on for years to come and something your family members and yourself can be proud of.


Are you interested in TED talk training?




Note:  This TED presentation training program is far different than most.   Most presentation training workshops focus on a block of time, a class, or consult delivered, and then, the process is over. We have found that our clients have real outcomes they are trying to create.  That could be closing more deals.  It could be creating a desired action from employees. It could just be looking and feeling more comfortable and confident.  Whatever your desired result, our program is designed to chart the path.

Everything we do comes with a full year of
trainer access,

videos, audios, and other accountability pieces
so you can focus on results and
not on just on training.

This TED Talk training program will give you all the tools you need for giving a presentation or speech. This presentation training workshop will give you the secrets on looking and sounding better. If nervousness or confidence are an issue, you will learn methods that help you not only look and sound better, but to feel better during the process. Our unique Message System, Story Creation System, and PowerPoint / peripheral techniques are easy to learn and master. This presentation training program will give you all the tools you need to create the results you are after. Reach out to find out about how we can customize our program around your specific needs and to get a sense of pricing.


This TED TALK Presentation Training program is available as a private, customized workshop or join as part of a public workshop. Reach out to us to hear which option is best for you.


How You Will Benefit from our TED TALK Presentation Training Program:

• Have more control during your TED Talk speech

• Feel more confident and in control when on stage

• Reduce prep time

• Feel prepared for any situation that pops up during the TED talk (issues)

• Be able to deal with audience objections or questions

• Look, sound, and feel great during your TED or TEDx Talk

• Create specific actions or sales after the fact.  You must begin with the end in mind.


Where is the Return on Investment?

This is a question you absolutely should be asking yourself.  Let’s face it, in addition to the money, your time is one of the biggest investments you make.  You need to see a return on time and money spent on a TED / TEDx presentation training program.  The attention to this area has helped our business grow and created a win-win relationship with out past clients.  We help you to see the return or result you are after and build a path toward it.


While we don’t say that you should throw your PowerPoint deck away, we do give you techniques to become more interesting, persuasive, and memorable.  This client felt his presentation could be done without PowerPoint.

What We Will Cover:

• How to look and sound like an expert

• How to feel comfortable and confident

• A system to to be prepared for your specific situations

• Easily organize and remember your speech

• Create PowerPoint Presentations that don’t bore or

drain the life out of your speech

• Become more interesting, more memorable, and create more desired actions


Who Should Attend:

This course is for those who want to or are planning on doing a TED or TEDx talk.  This is for people who know they would benefit from improved presentation training skills. We have worked with CEOs, business executives, diplomats, and business owners. If you would like to know which option is your best solution, reach out to us by phone or email.




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