Twitter’s Demise? Trends for 2017

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According to an article in Ragan’s PR Daily, We might see Twitter’s demise in 2017.

This was one of the 5 trends they focused on.  My thought?  No.  There will still be Twitter in the next year.  It is relevant to our Tweeter In Chief, Donald J. Trump.  During live events like the Super Bowl or The Oscars, people follow and comment in real time. Twitter has become instrumental during protests and revolutions to get information out to the world.

As a media trainer, people think that I only comment on traditional media like TV, print and radio.  As I say in my new book Media Secrets: A Media Training Crash Course, the game has changed. It is all important.  Almost every tweet Donald Trump puts out gets covered by traditional media.

The real question here, when it comes to their health as a company, how can they create a business model that works?  Should Google buy them? Should Amazon buy them?  Both companies need a popular social network in their portfolio.  All of that will be revealed.

As for the rest of us who are promoting our businesses, books, and ourselves, showing up consistently in traditional media and social media are important.  Traditional interviews have a long shelf life when distributed on social media.  Social media following and excitement can get you booked on the traditional media side.


There is a shift taking place, and it has been happening over the last six years.  We have all been conditioned to build a following or learn to connect with many people on one of the social platforms.  The shift is in paid distribution. It’s something that you can’t ignore and something you should be learning about.  This is an important piece of the puzzle if you are truly looking to “convert interviews” and convert your videos into… definable income, web traffic and email sign-ups.  This is something that internet marketers have known for years.  Russell Bruson, founder of Clickfunnels says “One dollar out, two dollars in.”  Essentially this means for every dollar you spend on buying web traffic (or advertising) you want to be able to show that you can bring two dollars in.  Once you figure this out, you can scale up, invest more money and build your empire. Of course the trick is in experimenting and testing to get to that point. PR News does touch on this as one of the five predictions they make.
Check out their article:


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