Viral Media Training

Viral Video Media Training

Organizations need to learn how to prepare staff to be ready before a bad situation goes viral.

Is Viral Media Training Really a Thing?
You Bet It Is.

This goes beyond spokesperson training and crisis training. In 2021 this is due diligence.

Be prepared with a policy and plan of action before your employee blunder goes viral and causes millions (or billions) of dollars in public relations and business damage.

A Viral Media Training program is one that gives a protocol and tools for every member of your organization with quarterly updates to keep material fresh in the minds of every employee.

Viral Media Training is different than crisis training (which usually focuses on key spokespeople and leaders.)Viral Media Training is different than a traditional media training program.  When putting together this highly customized program, we look at all of the potential “pain areas” as well as employee blunders that could cause a viral media meltdown.  We create a training program—part online, part in-person—that deals with specific situations that might occur … and how to deal with them.  The program includes an A to Z plan for protocol that employees should follow, as well as key executives. This is different than traditional crisis training and is now a must for any organization with something to lose.

This Viral Media Training Workshop and (online training) will give you the secrets on dealing with a crisis like this before it becomes a crisis.

Through the use of video examples, real life situations, your organization will see that every team member is a key player in this game now.  We can no longer wait for the company spokesperson or CEO to calmly put a response together.  Every staff member needs to be aware of how to react while a situation is unfolding.  Quarterly updates keep the information in the mind of employees so they can act on it when these situations occur.

How You Will Benefit From Our Viral Media Training Program:

• Learn how to effectively represent your brand or company in the midst of a crisis
• Be seen as someone who is a part of the solution and not someone fanning the flames
• Have more control during a crisis situation
• Feel prepared before a viral media situation takes place
• Best represent your organization during a viral media crisis
• Have an A to Z plan of action for these situations

What We Will Cover:
• Specific drills executives might face in a viral media disaster situation
• How to best represent your organization during one of these situations
• A system and protocol for what to do
• Learn how not to be quoted for saying something awful
• Be ready for crisis and opportunity situations when a viral media situation unfolds

Who Needs This Training:
Any organization with something to lose.

We live in a time where every member of your organization needs to be ready for these situations.  If you would like to know how we can help you or your organization, reach out to us by phone or email.  Click here to schedule an inquiry chat.

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