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8 Second PR

With the average attention span of an adult being 8 seconds, your job as a marketer just got 100 times harder. If you want to amplify your personal or business brand, 8-Second PR is a fun how-to-promote-your-business guide with case study examples of what works and doesn’t work. You’ll walk away with a roadmap for magnifying your brand, increasing sales and achieving Ultimate Media Success! In this book, you’ll learn PR Secrets for maximizing your media results, including: How to promote your brand with a proven 8-Step Story Energizer Process, How to build a Wow Story and score hundreds of media interviews, How to pitch the right media, write powerful media hooks, and hammer home messages in print, radio, TV interviews, How to maximize your Digital Marketing results and Word-of-Mouth Marketing – Plus 8 New PR Superpowers that together can make a brand unstoppable!

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