What is Media Training? (Video)

What Media Training Is and What Media Training Is Not (Video)

4 minutes on media training and the possibilities.

What is Media Training?

Many people have preconceived notions about what media training is and what it could provide.  I often drop the word training as not to throw off those with experience.  It is about gaining the systems to have more control and get more of what you want and need.



-Jess Todtfeld





So what do people think media training is?

Well, a lot of people think it’s “use your body language” and “this is what all this body language means.” This means that you don’t like somebody … and stand up straight and comb your hair. All those things are great … yeah sure, “stand up straight and comb your hair and use some body language”but it’s so much more than that. It really is. Media Training is about giving you the tools and techniques to feel more comfortable and confident and do the job that you want … either as a spokesperson or spreading some sort of a message … or whatever your outcome is … being able to get to that. And, here’s another piece, doing it in an authentic way. So, media training is not about “oh I’m putting one over on people, they’re asking me this and I’m waving a wand to get them over here.” No. You can get them over here but you can do it in a way that doesn’t make you look like a jerk or a robot or somebody who is trying to do something they shouldn’t be.” When you notice something like that, that is not somebody using media training techniques. They are somebody who needs media training. They are doing something wrong. And, like I said, this can be done in an authentic way.

You CAN have more control. You don’t have to be the good little student and wait on all the questions and give them all that control. You can have answers that you’ve crafted in advance and you can mentally access them, one of our systems that we show you, without being a trained actor. You can see them in your brain, quickly get to them. We have something called “The Road Map” and it has three words and it helps bring up all those answers that you wish you could go to.And there’s more than one technique for answering questions. You may have heard of bridging. Bridging, people say, “go from where you are to where you want to be.” Uhhh. That doesn’t tell me anything. That’s like saying go from New Jersey to New York. “How do you get there?” “Well, go from New Jersey to New York.” “That doesn’t tell me anything at all.” Not only do we get more specific, we give you situational techniques to get over where you want to go. We call that “The Answer System.”

And, when it comes to getting the exact answer into a story, having irresistible quotes chosen by a print journalist or a radio or TV journalist … those are sound bites.That’s what they’re looking for. In print, they call them quotes. How do you come up with the most irresistible answer and write it in advance? … and say it to them and have them say “Ooh, that’s good. I’ll use that.” And you’re on the phone reading it to them thinking I wrote this two months ago. Is this really how easy it can be? Yes! And you’re not putting one over on them. You’re just giving yourself … you’re doing your due diligence. You’re setting yourself up for the best case scenario. This is what we do. This is how we help people, but there’s one big thing that we do that’s different. When the training is over, we don’t say “see ya later. have a nice life” …

We stick around and we help you for the next 365 days. It’s part of our 365 Accountability program. What we do is we give you a weekly video this not a junky newsletter. It’s something just for clients with techniques that you can look at and say “Oh am I doing that? Hmm, let me think about that.” There are many opportunities for you to reply to those and get in touch with us and make sure you’re on the right track. There are quarterly assessments. There’s a multimedia library. There are many other tools and systems that are all put in place to support you throughout the year.

So that’s what media training should be and is with Success in Media.