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What is the Best Way to End an Email?
How to Pitch the Media

Financial Review Put Together a Great Piece with Different Ways to End Your Emails.

We all want emails that are effective.

A portion of my business is training public relations companies on how to best break through to media, how to get them to open more pitches, and how to get them to say yes.  Many of these emails are unopened.  Of the less than 12 percent that do get opened, many do not reply.  Most of the time it’s because YOU (sorry) didn’t actually ask them for anything… especially a reply.

One of my biggest, pitching the media strategies is making sure to you ask a yes or no question.  This way the obligation is just a yes or no answer.  NO ANSWER is the worst possible response.  Yes is the best, but a No is an opportunity to engage and ask more questions

Here are 4 of the 8 enders according to the analysis of 350,000 email threads

  • “Kind regards” had a response rate of 53.9 per cent
  • “Regards” had a response rate of 53.5 per cent
  • “Best regards” had a response rate of 52.9 per cent
  • “Best” had a response rate of 51.2 per cent

Wait until you hear what the #1 choice is.
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