5 Strategies for Crushing Your Next TED or TEDx Talk …

I get asked about my thoughts on TED or TEDx talks.  Here are some of the things I share with clients and folks at events.

1) Create a unique hook or title.

When you start your TED talk, you want to begin with the end in mind. You want to create something that people would want to watch in the future. A title that is a hook is one that you can use to reel them in. Look at other TED talks and notice which titles are most intriguing. Create titles that have mystery. Create titles that reveal something about you or your audience. Chances are, you are using this opportunity as a platform. You’re using this opportunity to create more business or web traffic. This stage of creating your hook or title is not to be treated lightly. It will allow you to reach more people, long-term.


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