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I recently found a great tool with an unintended use.  If you are creating press releases and are looking for the right hook, why not try out this great tool for PR hooks?

It was developed by the Hubspot people, who produce great marketing content and services.  It is designed to help bloggers come up with great topics.  In fact, much of what it outputs has the elements of Link Bait.  Link bait is a link to a blog or story that is so enticing that people what to link and share it.  Ummm… would that work on TV producer, radio and print folks?

Try it out and see what you think.  I’d love your comments at the bottom.
(It doesn’t cost anything, by the way.)

Here’s a quick tip:  Even though it asks for 3 nouns, you can input 3 keywords and still see what it comes up with.  Even if some of the answers don’t make sense?  It will give you ideas for places you could take your future PR hooks.

PR Hook Generator - Generate great press release hooks and subject lines with this nifty tool.

Generate great press release hooks and subject lines with this nifty tool.


Here’s one set of results I got after adding:

Media Training, Jess Todtfeld, and Practice (as in practice is important) as keywords.

What I got is interesting, not perfect, but gives me some future ideas I can use here or when pitching the media.

PR Hooks

Hubspot – Topic Generator


Here are 4 more, interesting HACKS
for producing clever hooks:

  • Type your hook or topic into Google and see what comes up
  • Look at the bottom of the Google search page to see what other suggestions come up
  • Search to see what similar hooks are being used in book titles and subtitles
  • Go through the user reviews and notice what people are saying they loved the most about books on similar topics.  This is a clue about things that people like.


What do you think of these?  Do you have some other interesting ways of creating clever PR hooks? 

Add them below.



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Jess Todtfeld has been a TV producer, reporter, host. He is currently President of Success In Media, Inc. providing media training and presentation training to Fortune 500 companies, the U.N., Celebrities, experts and authors.

Jess puts himself in the hot seat as well. He has appeared on ABC, NBC, FOX, CBS, MTV, BBC, CNN and FOX News. He set a Guinness Record for being interviewed the most times in 24 hours ... 112. Need a Speaker for an Upcoming Conference or Convention?
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  1. Hey Jess… Yes this is a great resource! I love your added clever “hacks” as well… very creative!

    My favorite way of generating great headlines, email subject lines, PR hooks, and other attention grabbing phrases is simply by maintaining a “swipe” file of material created by other experts throughout history that I found compelling. Then I simply adopt and adapt it to my needs.

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