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Presentation Training – Tailored Presentation Training Programs by Industry or Title

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We specialize in tailoring our presentation training to each individual or group need.  Everyone has varying stages of presentation experience.

We help you define your ideal outcomes, then build the path to get there.

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  • Have control during presentations (including pitch presentations and sales presentations)
  • Look more confident
  • Sound more confident
  • Feel comfortable in front of small or large groups
  • Never feel unprepared
  • Reduce prep time
  • Be prepared for hard questions or questions irrelevant to your message
  • Design stories and examples that connect with your audience
  • Look like a leader or an expert
  • Tell client stories that inspire and move the process forward
  • Create more audience action
  • Close more sales
  • Be ready for any speaking situation
  • Measure R.O.P. (Return on Presentations)


  • Captivate before you even speak
  • Hook your audience in the first 7 seconds
  • Master body language & voice inflection
  • Use PowerPoint and peripheral elements to
    enhance, not destroy, your presentation effectiveness
  • Reduce nervousness, Improve confidence
  • Control the room
  • Handle any question that comes your way
  • Create a “road map” to keep you on track (no unnecessary memorizing.)
  • Rehearse in less time with more results
  • Never feel unprepared
  • Create powerful openings and closings
  • Learn the best ways to present quickly and succinctly
  • Create more definable actions from those you speak to