Be The Media!

So many media trainers talk about what to do when you encounter a reporter.

In the 2000′s, YOU can be the media.  Check out today’s lesson:


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Media as Marketing

Media can be powerful marketing.

Why Most Media Trainers Don’t Cover This

Unfortunately, this is still off the radar for many. Traditionally, media training as a profession has focused on body language, messaging, and crisis management as it’s top goals. However, these days the average client has their own unique set of goals. They often include brand building, driving people to their website, and selling something—whether it be a book, a product, an idea, etc. Today, we have more access than we have ever had to the masses with outlets like YouTube,  Facebook Live, social media, news sites, and other internet options. There is a huge opportunity that could be lost if you don’t realize how to harness the power of these amazing opportunities.

Many get frustrated because they have trouble getting media interviews (see chapter 2) or have gotten interviews but they haven’t sold any product / driven web traffic. In other words, they failed to convert their interviews—convert them into definable actions like sales, email sign-ups or otherwise.


Let’s look at your ROI, your Return On Investment. To get a return, you must put specific effort toward that goal. While some of you may have retained a publicist and are paying them to create the media opportunities, the conversion is the job of the person being interviewed… you!

Steps to a Successful ROI

Step 1. Approach every interview knowing that this could be a powerful marketing piece on your website, in your printed marketing materials, or across the internet.

Step 2. Think in advance about what an ideal interview would look like on your site.

Step 3. Practice saying what you wish would be in the final product, and do so on video, so you can see firsthand what is working and what needs improvement.

Step 4 – Give the producers or whoever booked the interview – materials like a suggested Q & A, a bulleted fact list, and what it is that you are hoping to promote or “plug.”




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