Body Language – All You Really Need to Do

In this short video I bottom line what you have to do to look great.

Now you can stop worrying about that and focus on what messages you want to include.

What You’ve Heard
From Other People

When I work with everyone from CEOs and high-level executives to U.N. officials to experts and authors, many bring up critiques and advice they’ve heard along the way. Here is some of what I’ve heard:

“I once had a speech teacher that told me to sit on my hands.”

“People tell me I don’t move my hands enough.”

“Family members have told me that they don’t like my facial expressions and that I need to plan out some new ones.”

My answers usually sound like this:

Family members don’t always offer the best advice. What you want to do if to find some people who can look at your practice video and give analysis using the guidelines in this book. Get multiple opinions.

While you will be learning techniques that give you more control, you still want to come off looking real and authentic… like the real you. When talking to the media, we might bring out a “bigger” version of you, but … adding something that looks artificial won’t usually help.

The bottom line…

While using your body is a good thing, you may have a too many or too little hand gestures. You may have a voice that is too high or too low. Ultimately it comes down to – DID YOU GET THE MESSAGES YOU WANT INTO THE PIECE?  Are those other elements (especially body language) adding or taking away from the interview?  Usually, these are minor elements, ones you are giving more attention than they deserve.


Here are some New Rules

If you have something interesting to say, but you tell it in a boring way … people won’t connect with you.

If you have plenty of style with regard to voice and body language but don’t have anything of value to say, people won’t connect with you.

And here comes the combination:

If you have something interesting to say, something of value, and you say it with passion and style … people have the best chance of connecting with your messages.

Here’s a p.s. on this, and it is covered in-depth in Part 10 – Media as Marketing.  It is no longer good enough to have something interesting to say. It is no longer good enough to just have great body language or be stylish.  You must also Call People To Action.  You must tell them what they should do.

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