Energy Counts in Media Interviews

Here is a side by side example of great / high energy and low / almost non-existent energy.

This just goes to show that energy and smiling counts. (Try to make it to the end.)

One word answers?  Really?!!

As a media trainer, I look for the fastest way to get people to “show up.” Ken Griffey, Jr. certainly isn’t showing up in this video.  When I was a national TV producer I would spend time in the green room with guests before they went on the air. One of my jobs was to gauge the Energy levels of the people who were about to go to show. In those days, the best tool I had was to ply them with sugary treats. “What one of these donuts?”

Now I have a much better technique. I ask the question, “Are you passionate about what you do?”

Connecting with people’s passion Will help them “show up” far faster.


Next time you give a media interview, make sure to do the opposite of Ken Griffey, Jr.

-Have great energy


-Give interesting answers

-Think of great answers in advance

-Add value to the discussion

-Know this is your brand you are putting out for the world to see.


Use your media training tools.

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