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Live Stream Camera – My Suggestion.

People ask me all the time for video camera suggestions.  As a media trainer and someone who creates a good deal of content, this is something I have some experience with. 

My answer is usually… “It depends.”  It really depends on what it is that you are trying to accomplish.

Today I want to recommend a camera that I’ve become pretty impressed with.   It’s called the Mevo.  If you are looking to record a speech, and event or do impressive Facebook Live broadcasts, this is the camera for you. If you are looking for a Live Stream Camera this is a great choice.

To save you some time, you’ll want to get the Mevo along with the 10 hour battery.  Consider adding the stand.Facebook live camera

Here’s what is great about it…  you can use a phone or iPad to turn a one camera shoot into what looks like multiple cameras.  Check out the main video on their site to see it in action:

Here are some top reviews to check out:

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Live stream camera review:
Broadcasting live video is one of the biggest tech trends of the last year. It started with Meerkat, but now Facebook and Twitter (via the Periscope app) are unsurprisingly the dominant players in the space. Most of that video streaming is done using smartphones, but Livestream — one of the first big players in the livestreaming video space — thinks there’s a market for dedicated video cameras. Enter Mevo, the company’s tiny, dedicated camera for streaming video to Facebook Live.

Just like videos I did a few years ago talking about the merits of the selfie stick, I think the Mevo will become a camera of choice for Facebook Live broadcasters as well as professional speakers like myself ( who put on events.

Happy shooting!

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