Leverage Every Media Interview

Media Interviews… Make sure to leverage every media interview opportunity.

This excerpt was taken from the #1 International Best Seller, Media Secrets: A Media Training Crash Course

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Leveraging interviews means multiplying its effect.

In the “old” days, when someone would go on a show or appear in the newspaper they had to make sure people were paying attention at that moment. If people weren’t “tuning in” or reading the paper that day, it meant the exposure and promotional opportunities were lost.

Today, internet media can give you brand-new opportunities to build on traditional media coverage.

For example, let’s say you had an opportunity to be a guest on the number #1 rated national TV show. Let’s also suppose that seven million people are tuning in. While that number is large, look at it in comparison to the number of people in the country. It is obviously a small slice. Also, many people who you might want to see your story are at work, sleeping, or not paying full attention to the program.

Let’s also think about the percentage of people that are your pure demographic. These would be people who would either buy your product, service, or idea. That is a smaller piece of that seven million. This is presenting some real issues in spreading your idea to the masses.

Enter . . . the internet.

Placing traditional interviews and articles across your website(s) not only extends the shelf life of that interview, but it adds credibility. A media outlet interviewing you shows that you are a source they felt was reputable enough to show. The result is . . .


Trust is a huge component when it comes to growing a business, selling something, building relationships with the public or potential clients. One might wonder if doing traditional media is still worth it. Why not just record your own interview and put it on the web. While that is not a bad idea for promotional purposes, an interview where you are featured by a known media entity brings with it an implied endorsement. When people see you, they feel they can trust you.

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