Media Interviews: What Should You Worry About?

Not sure if you’ve been giving interviews. Either way, there are always things we worry about … usually not the right things.

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People spend a good deal of time worrying about the questions that will be asked in an interview. This is NOT a good use of time and NOT something worth spending too much time worrying about.

People also spend a good deal of time thinking about what is appropriate body language. While I have included a section on this, as long as you have good energy and are acting natural, you are fine. Style and substance work together. You can’t have one without the other.

What SHOULD You Worry About?

Things you should think about executing in an interview situation. You should:

  • Make sure you know what kind of outcome(s) you would like to create.

• Chart a path towards those outcomes.
• Have a game plan.

• Use the Message System.

• Practice, even if it is just once, with a video camera.

• Actually, watch the video, decide what’s working.. do more of that.

• Decide what isn’t working . . . do less of that.


What to Worry About

Focus on your own preparation.  Prepare using the techniques discussed in this book so far.  That is where your worry focus should be.

What NOT to Worry About

Focusing or worrying about every possible question you could get asked is an impossible task.  Use your new answer system!

How do you know you’ll be able to use the answer system in a real interview?  Practice! And make sure you practice with a video recording device.


What to Worry About

So many people that I’ve trained worry about their body language. Here are the most important items you should be worrying thinking about:

Focus on having good energy.

Make sure you look natural and confident. As long as you look that way, people will believe it is true.  Think back to experiences in your life where you acted the part and got credit for being that part.

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