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Most people have heard the term, “Plugging.” It usually means to “force your agenda into a media interview.” I think we can do better.

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A New Take on PLUGing

Traditionally, the plug is the product mention by the interviewer or interviewee. This can be your website, company, book, etc.

The old idea of plugging something meant to plug or force your product mention into the conversation—I have a new take. Let’s look at the word plug as an acronym. P.L.U.G. can now stand for:


When you think about the idea of a gift, you are giving something of value. You can mention your website, but mention the benefit of going

there. This way, plugging feels good and not overly self-promotional.

Another good plug is giving away a free item to the audience. This can be physical or electronic. Ideally, they have to go to your website and opt-in. You will not only make a great impression but also make the outlet you are appearing on/in look good in the process—another win-win!

This P.L.U.G. should happen about three-quarters of the way into the interview. It should not be “By the way, buy my book—here’s my website.” Using the media is a two-way street—not just a vehicle to promote yourself, your idea, or hawk your product! You must give value by providing interesting and important information during the conversation.


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