Scaramucci Media Style? Should we Follow?

Anthony Scaramucci is the new White House communication director. Many people ask me if he is doing a good job and if they should model any of the techniques that Donald Trump uses. In this video, I will give you my thoughts and show you how you can communicate with power.


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What to THINK During Interviews

Instead of focusing your energy on worrying about the questions, focus your energy on the three words or headings you came up with to create your Road Map.  This is a grouping of all of the answers you would love to deliver.  As long as you think of these three headings, you will have a perfect road map for every answer.

The Call to Action

Many of the media training techniques we teach have been blended with sales techniques. Even if you are not selling a product, you are o en selling ideas.

A Call to Action includes words that urge or suggest the audience— readers, viewers, listeners, etc.—to take some sort of immediate action.


“Ask yourself this question. Do you. . . .”
“Try this one technique for yourself. . . .”
“Don’t just think about making a donation. Go out and do it today.”


This message category is also where you then include brand mentions and “plugs.”

To Plug is to insert something, often promotional, into your interview. In the case of media interviews, it might be the name of your product, book, or company.

Most people include the plug in a completely unmotivated manner. Unmotivated “plugs” are obvious and annoying to your interviewer and the audience. Find ways to plug while “adding value” to the conversation. ( e idea of plugging gets a much needed revamp in Chapter 6.)


“Well, Paul, it is true. ere are healthcare issues in this country, but what I want to talk about is that I have a book called, 10-Minute Exercises. Watch as I hold up my copy.”

at was a plug that completely derailed the interview.

Here is a more motivated plug that can be used while adding value:

“Well Rebecca, it is true. Healthcare needs a solution. One piece of the equation is exercise. is was one of the motivations for writing, 10-Minute Exercises. is is a vital piece of the solution and I’ll tell you why. . . .”

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