Be Someone the Media Loves

Be Someone the Media Loves.  What does the media want? What would make you the best media guest?

Watch the video above to find out.


Once they love you, you can move to converting interviews…


Let’s look at your ROI, your Return On Investment. To get a return, you must put specific effort toward that goal. While some of you may have retained a publicist and are paying them to create the media opportunities, the conversion is the job of the person being interviewed… you!

Steps to a Successful ROI

Step 1) Approach every interview knowing that this could be a powerful marketing piece on your website, in your printed marketing materials, or across the Internet.

Step 2) Think in advance about what an ideal interview would look like on your site.

Step 3) Practice saying what you wish would be in the final product, and do so on video, so you can see firsthand what is working and what needs improvement.

Step 4) Give the producers, or whoever booked the interview, materials like a suggested Q & A, a bulleted fact list, and what it is that you are hoping to promote or “plug.” (See Chapter 6 for my new definition of a media P.L.U.G..)

You can include this sentence just before giving your P.L.U.G.:

If you would be gracious enough to give a brief plug, it would be appreciated. This is what you could use:

Then include something short and not overly promotional.


“Jess Todtfeld’s new book, Media Secrets, is out and he is giving away “7 Key Secrets When Working With the Media” to our viewers today. You can find them at

Read the P.L.U.G. out loud to someone else. Often, what we think is ready needs to be simplified and trimmed down.

Step 5) If possible, have an informal chat with the interviewer prior to the actual interview. This is where you can establish rapport. You can also ask, “Do you think it would be alright to mention my book and say that it is at the website of the same name?” The beauty of this is that they’d have to reject you to your face, so 99% of the time they will say, “Sure.” Your chances of getting more time giving the P.L.U.G. increase when you give away a value item.

Step 6) During the interview make sure you are giving plenty of value and takeaway. This makes the media outlet happy because they know their audience is engaged and being given great content. They will usually reward you by giving you a P.L.U.G..

Step 7) Have a Call to Action. This is very important. If you leave this part out, the audience will likely not ACT. You must tell people what to do and where to go.


“I’m here at CBS in Houston and excited to talk about my dieting secrets. I’m going to give 3 big ones away right now. Go get your free Top 10 download from “LoseWeightSecrets. com.” But first, there are some specific next steps …”


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Jess Todtfeld has been a TV producer, reporter, host. He is currently President of Success In Media, Inc. providing media training and presentation training to Fortune 500 companies, the U.N., Celebrities, experts and authors.

Jess puts himself in the hot seat as well. He has appeared on ABC, NBC, FOX, CBS, MTV, BBC, CNN and FOX News. He set a Guinness Record for being interviewed the most times in 24 hours ... 112. Need a Speaker for an Upcoming Conference or Convention?
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