The Power of Makeup


The big rule on TV makeup is this . . .

If you can’t tell it’s there, then it was applied correctly.

As I said earlier in the book, this is exactly the way I feel about media training techniques. If the audience notices and are commenting on it, there is a disconnect. This will cause people to miss your messages, and possibly lose faith and trust in what you are saying.

The main idea is, that no matter who you are or how perfect you might look, once you are under TV lights, makeup is needed so you will not be shiny, you will not look sick, faded, washed out, or wrinkly. Ideally, you start to look more like you, or slightly better.

If you are doing a TV interview and the channel provides makeup, take it. 

If you are doing a TV interview (or anything on camera) and they do not provide makeup, make sure you are prepared with some basic foundation or powder.  You will look better and you will be happy you had it.


This applies to some women and most men.

If you do not usually wear make up and are hesitant, know that not wearing make up could get in the way of your messages. If you look tired, worn out, and not as good as your interviewer(s), something will seem off. To look your best on TV makeup will go a long way.

Use this as an excuse to visit a store that specializes in makeup or your local department store’s makeup counter. Even a large drugstore that has a makeup department will do. Tell the store’s associate that you are doing some on-camera work and just want some basic foundation so you won’t shine.

I went to the local drug store and had my wife pick one that matched my skin tone. It might also be helpful to go online to learn about different products and how to apply them correctly. Knowing how to apply some makeup is a must if you plan to be on-camera. 

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